About Me

17554038_10212628092963106_4852806421502880973_nMy name is Dina-Marie Aiuto. I am a 23 year old Canadian, who enjoys multiple cups of coffee per day, anything beauty related, reading, and has undergone many hardships in life thus far. I graduated from the University of Windsor where I majored in Political Science and I am currently trying to figure out my life’s purpose and meaning. Back in 2014, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and with this diagnosis, I believed my life was over. However, I have come to the realization that being diagnosed with an incurable, progressive, debilitating disease known as scleroderma, has shaped me into the individual I am today.

I never considered myself a passionate person. I dabbled in many activities and often when I got bored, I quit. Being proactive and trying to make a small difference in the world and in my “small, yet mighty scleroderma community” has become my passion. I am here to share my story, take back a little agency in my life, and overcome this major setback through positivity and hope. I am here because I want to help others like me. People have always told me I am a strong individual and I would like to share my strength with others and create an accepting community where people do not need to be afraid of being different.

So come and join me on my journey! I promise you laughs, cries, and somewhat decent advice every now and then.

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